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Bonus: Make It Stick – the fastest ways to learn

Chart Reading Symbols

Chord Switching, how to play along with your favorite songs

chords, 5 basic chord types

Chords, 9, 11, 13 voicings on “E” and “A” shape barre chords

Chords, Ultimate Guide to Voicings for More Advanced Chords

Chords, Voicings, Jam Tracks, part 4, r&b and gospel loops

Commuter Audio: Ear Training, introduction

Commuter Audio: Ear Training, part 1

Fretboard Theory, CAGED system, introduction and overview

Fretboard Theory, CAGED system, Why Learn the CAGED system?

Master List of All Supplemental Content at Guitar Lessons Ithaca

Music Theory, Chords, The Intervals of Chords, part 1, spelling chords

Music Theory, Circle of Fifths, part 1 – explanation and introduction

Practice Tracker

Rhythm, map

Soloing, major scales

Soloing, Minor Pentatonics as they fit with CAGED

Soloing, Mixing Minor and Major Pentatonics, part 2 – Using Music Theory & Fretboard Theory

Strumming, part 3, other time signatures and feels

Student 7-month Anniversary Message

Student 90-day Anniversary Message

Student Goal-Setting Resources

Student Repertoire – Book 2

Student Repertoire – Book 3

Student Repertoire – Book 4

Student Repertoire – Holidays

z – 3 types of blank fretboard diagrams & tab paper