Participating in the Student Concert

II. copy and paste the text below to your computer and fill in the questions

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Recital Piece

What song(s) have a I lately connected with emotionally?

What song(s) would make me feel proud to play?

Would I prefer to write my own composition?

What song(s) would show off my current skill set?  (Keep in mind that your choice does not have to be a difficult song.  Playing an easy one that people will love can be very fulfilling experience.  Some students, however, may want to challenge themselves.)

What online resources can I use to help me learn the song (chords, tablature, sheet music)?

How many different parts would I have to write or learn, and which parts would have to be learned by the rest of the band (Dennis on guitar plus a bassist & drummer).

(parts to consider are chords, melody, solo, riff, etc.)

(One thing to keep in mind, your song does not even have to have guitar in it. Your teacher can help you arrange it for guitar).

Is there a solo in my song and I am going to learn, write or improvise it?

How can I make a chord chart for the band to follow at the performance?

Regarding the chords, can or should I use a capo? Do I know all the chords?  Can I simplify some of the harder ones?

Regarding the rhythm, what is the tempo, time signature and style? What is the strumming pattern?

Regarding the melody, how am I going to represent it? If by singing, is it in a good key for my voice?  If by playing, how am I going to learn it: by ear, by reading standard notation in the sheet music, etc.?

Regarding the form, how many sections does or will it have? What is the arrangement (i.e. which sections come when and for how long)?

Any special considerations regarding dynamics, texture or timbre? What kind of guitar(s) will I use?  Will I use effects? If so, what kind?

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