live class introducing ear training with major scale on guitar

how to practice ear training using the “melodies by interval” pdf above:

1.  look at ONLY the song title (not the numbers just yet)

2.  try to figure out the intervals of the song BY EAR before you play them on guitar; write the numbers out on paper.   A big hint on this is to hum all the way to the last note, which is always the tonic (root of key) in nursery rhymes like this, and then compare every note to that tonic.  ex: happy birthday starts on the 5th, but in the octave below the tonic, so I would write that as a 5 with a dot underneath.

3.  once you write the numbers, compare your answer with what’s on the pdf

4. pick a key and position of a major scale to play the numbers and see if you can play the melody first try just by knowing where your intervals are