Alternate Picking

integrating alternate picking with hammer-ons & pull-offs

part 1 – integrating alternate picking with hammer-ons & pull-offs

part 2 – using directional picking for 16th notes that cross strings

live class 1

live class 2

live class 3


Rhythmic Ingegration of Legato

I. Basic

1. Find maximum alternate picking speed, then choose a 3-string scale sequence where the 2nd note on the middle string is hammered (if ascending) or pulled-off (if descending) in a perfect 16th note so that the alternate picking remains in tact. For examples of this, see:

2. Do this all over the neck in your chosen key/scale

II. More Advanced

Choose any of the following:

1. Choose a specific rhythm from the following pdf and employ legato on the 16th notes.

If your lick crosses strings on a 16th note, you may have to use directional picking.

2. Play a string of 8th notes at twice the tempo at which you can alternate pick over 1, 2, 3, or 4 bars, ending on the 1st beat of the next bar. For example, if your maximum alternate picking speed is 100, you would set the metronome to 200. For a 1-bar lick, you would choose a total of 9 notes, 8 of which are to be played within the bar & the 9th one is on the 1 of the next bar. Hold that note for that bar and repeat the exercise on bars 3 & 4. For a 4-bar lick, your total number of notes would be 33 (8 notes x 4 bars = 32 plus the 1st beat of the next bar.) More on this at