Making Referrals to Guitar Lessons Ithaca


You may not be aware of this, but in as much as you chose Guitar Lessons Ithaca as your guide to making great music on the guitar, you were also chosen by us.  The conversations we had before, during and after the free trial as well as information you provide by the questionnaires all helped us determine that you were pre-qualified as a student.  This means that we thought your level of motivation, genuine desire to learn, and your overall attitude was a good match for the School.

Accordingly, we are now looking for a few more good people like yourself.  Referring a friend, colleague, neighbor, classmate, business associate, etc. benefits you because you can:

  • feel good because you potentially helped them become a better guitarist

  • feel good because you’ve had a positive influence in their life

  • feel important and knowledgeable about something they are interested in

  • hear your friend play better and better music over time

  • jam with them in classes

  • have songs or material in common to more easily jam with them outside of classes.

I have decided to show my appreciation to students who make referrals to our School by offering bonuses.  These bonuses will be something relevant and valuable to each of you on an individual basis.  I have a ton of bonuses that I have created that I have never even shared with any student yet. One student referred me 3 students and was rewarded by a private jam session with me at their house!

Just for the record, we teach everything related to guitar (and bass) except for very strict classical guitar and advanced heavy metal styles.


When you make a referral:

  • tell them we “help students get big results fast while enjoying the learning process.” (That’s all it really comes down to, doesn’t it?)

  • tell them we do free trial lessons so that they can see if it’d be a good fit. From there, they can call me or text me at 607-222-3166 or click the orange button that says “tell us more about you” at