Chapter 1 – Basic Concepts

Chapter 2 – Intervals & Chords

Chapter 3 – Harmonizing Scales

Chapter 4 – Harmonic Functions

Chapter 5 – Dominants & Tritones

examples of Secondary Dominants

G B7 Em “All You Need is Love” (I V/VI VI in G)

F# G#7 C# “9 to 5” (I V/V V in F#)

E C#7 F#m “Dancing Queen” (V V/VI VI in A)

G E7 Am7 D7 “Big Girls Don’t Cry” (I V/II II V in G)

F F7 Bb “Hey Jude” (I V/IV IV in F)

Eb D Gm “Bohemian Rhapsody” (I V/III III in Eb)

C/E D7 G7 “Piano Man (I V/V V in C)

Am B7 E7 “Time is Running Out” (I V/V V in Am)

D B7 Em “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (I V/II II in D)

Am A7 Dm “Delilah” (Im V/IV IV in Am)

A G#7 C#7 F#7 B7 E7 A “Mr Sandman” (I V/VI V/II V/V V I in A)

D7 G7 C7 F7 Bb “I Got Rhythm” (V/VI V/II V/V V I in Bb)

Bb C F Bb “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” (I V/V V I in Bb)

G B C “Creep” (I IIIx IV in G) (deceptive cadence)

Chapter 6 – II V I Progression

Chapter 7 – Tritone Substitution

Chapter 8 – Other Chords & Tensions

Chapter 9 – Modal Interchange & Modulation

parts a & b

part c

Chapter 10 – Other Tonalities

a. blues harmony

b. modal harmony