Part I:

Playing Harmonized Scales for different skill levels

1. play harmonize scale in open chords for keys C, D, G, Am, Bm, Em; substitute column V for column VII or use V7 if you know it, i.e. for key of C, use G or G7 in column VII such as: C Dm Em F G Am G C or C Dm Em F G Am G7 C

2. use moveable chords to play other keys; see introducing moveable chords

3. learn half-diminished chord for VII; see The Half-Diminished Chord

4. use all barre chords up 6th string

5. use all barre chords up 5th string

6. mix 5th & 6th string barre chords to stay in one area of the neck

(see diagram below)

7. play in 7th chords

(see part II below)

8. play in 9th chords

(see part II below)

9. play in 13th chords

(see part II below)

10. play in 11 chords

(see part II below)

Part II:

Harmonizing Scales using 9, 11, 13 chords