9, & 13 voicings – major, dominant, & minor – all shapes

the two most common 9th chords to learn

demonstration of all types of 9th chords in 1 position

ex: | Gadd9 | Gmaj9 | Am9 | D9 |

explanation of add9 vs. maj9

diatonic extensions to major harmonized scale

I maj9, maj13

II min9, min13

III min(b9) (or 1st inversion I add9 chord), min(b9,b13) (or 3rd inversion IV maj13sus2 chord)

IV maj9, maj13

V 9, 13

VI min9, min(9, b13)

VII min7b5(b9) (or 3rd inversion I maj13 chord), min7b5(b9,b13) (or 3rd inversion I maj13 chord)