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Articles Published by Dennis Winge

Bonus: Make It Stick – the fastest ways to learn

Chart Reading Symbols

Chord Switching, basic, play-alongs, part 1 G, C, D

Chord Switching, how to play along with your favorite songs

chords, 5 basic chord types

Chords, 9, 11, 13 voicings on “E” and “A” shape barre chords

Chords, Ultimate Guide to Voicings for More Advanced Chords

Chords, Voicings, Jam Tracks, part 4, r&b and gospel loops

Commuter Audio: Ear Training, introduction

Commuter Audio: Ear Training, part 1

Fretboard Theory, CAGED system, introduction and overview

Fretboard Theory, CAGED system, Why Learn the CAGED system?

Make it a Great Year – goals & planning session – volume 1

Make it a Great Year – goals & planning session – volume 2

Master List of All Supplemental Content at Guitar Lessons Ithaca

Music Theory, Circle of Fifths, part 1 – explanation and introduction

Practice Tracker

Rhythm, map

Soloing, Embellishments to the Pentatonics, Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs

Soloing, How to Really Practice CAGED and Pentatonics


Soloing, Minor Pentatonics as they fit with CAGED

Soloing, Mixing Minor and Major Pentatonics, part 1 – intro

Soloing, Mixing Minor and Major Pentatonics, part 2 – Using Music Theory & Fretboard Theory

Soloing, Phrasing, introduction

Student 7-month Anniversary Message

Student 90-day Anniversary Message

Student Goal-Setting Resources

Tab Lesson: Easy and Fun Progressions

z – 3 types of blank fretboard diagrams & tab paper