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aa – Making Referrals to Guitar Lessons Ithaca

Bonus: Make It Stick – the fastest ways to learn

Chart Reading Symbols

Chord Switching, how to play along with your favorite songs

Chords, Barre Chords, part 1 – “E” shapes

Chords, Barre Chords, part 2, “A” shapes

Chords, Barre Chords, part 3, finale

Fingerstyle, Travis Picking, Inner-Outer play-alongs

Fingerstyle, Travis Picking, Outer-Inner play-alongs

Master List of All Supplemental Content at Guitar Lessons Ithaca

Practice Tracker

Strumming, part 3, other time signatures and feels

Student 90-day Anniversary Message

Student Repertoire – Book 1

Student Repertoire – Book 2

Student Repertoire – Book 3

Student Repertoire – Book 4

Student Repertoire – getting started with 3-string with C and G chords

Student Repertoire – Holidays

Tab Lesson 01

Tab Lesson 02

Tab Lesson 04

Tab Lesson 05

Tab Lesson 09

Tab Lesson 10

Tab Lesson 13

z – 3 types of blank fretboard diagrams & tab paper