Discover Why Some Guitarists Are Great And Others Aren’t

by Tom Hess


Why Some Guitarists Become Great And Others Don’t


It’s clear that there is a select few guitar players who seem to play incredible things in a totally effortless and smooth manner. Many people feel jealous of their skills and some guitarists end up quitting all together because they think they’ll never be that good. So, how do these great guitarists become so great? Why do so many other guitarists remain mediocre?


Answer: great guitarists think differently and do things differently than your average player. Here are the things you need to think/do to become a great guitarist too:


Stop Doubting Yourself


You become the thoughts you think. The best guitar players became great because they always knew they could. Every one of the best guitar players in the world started at zero skills. Even the ones who are said to have had “natural talent” still had to work hard to become truly great. When you tell yourself you “can’t” become great, you suck or you’ll never be as good as [insert name], you limit yourself. When you put boundaries on yourself like this, you hold yourself back from fulfilling your true potential on guitar. Avoid this by instead filling your mind with empowering thoughts and trusting in your ability to improve and become great. Do this and soon enough you WILL be great.


Don’t Settle For What Seems Possible


Too many guitar players don’t trust in their ability to achieve greatness. Instead, they settle for making very small goals at best. This comes from a fear of failure. Stop focusing so much on what you can’t do, and start focusing on what you WANT to do. Make this your main goal, the set the goal and work towards it. In the end, it feels much better once you reach your ultimate musical goals versus only achieving small things and wishing you were better.


Find A Great Guitar Teacher


There’s no way around it. Great guitar players work with great guitar teachers. When you learn from the best, you put yourself on the road to greatness. Although learning on your own may bring some results, you simply can’t match the expertise of someone who has tons of experience helping others reach the same musical goals you have.


When you look for a great teacher like this, make sure he/she has legitimate credentials. This doesn’t mean having a music degree (like some teachers do). Look for someone who learned how to teach guitar through intense training focused on becoming a better guitar teacher. Teachers with this training are far less common… but once you’ve found one, get ready to make massive progress!


Teachers like this provide results by:


*Helping you practice more effectively using proven teaching strategies that have given results to countless other students.


*Keeping you in line with your goals. Great teachers know how to help you reach your goals faster and stay in line with your goals so you don’t get distracted and waste time on things that don’t work (such as the wrong exercises or ineffective practice routines)


*Motivating you to be your best and stay at your best. Great teachers are highly invested in the musical progress of their students. They will stick with you through any frustrations and help you stay motivated to overcome any obstacle in your playing.


Rock guitarist and guitar teacher Tom Hess says: “Finding a great guitar teacher is like rocket fuel for your guitar playing.”


We agree. Find a great guitar teacher and you will become great in no time!