Complementary Virtual Master Class

for Guitarists

Because now is a time when many people will have more at-home time than usual, Guitar Lessons Ithaca is now offering complementary online Guitar Master Classes for a limited time.

Open to all levels and all styles, the format of these classes is one person at a time will present their question and demonstrate for the teacher what his or her specific challenge is on the guitar.  The teacher will then offer specific feedback for the student AND extract and explain the essential concepts behind the advice given that will be relevant for any guitarist of every level.

About the teacher:  The Master Class instructor is Dennis Winge, who is currently celebrating 20 years of teaching and is the head teacher at Guitar Lessons Ithaca.  He recently created the also complementary audio assessment guide for guitarists called “20 Years of Guitar Teaching Wisdom That You Can Use Right Now.”  Winge also runs the Ithaca Jazz and Blues Jam and has recently released his 5th instrumental album “Fly on the Wall.”

Class Schedule

Every Saturday in April from 3 to 4 p.m.

Meeting ID: 337 653 132