Student Album, Volume III

Congratulations to all the students who participated in this album!  What an amazing array of styles and genres.  Each contribution is a reflection of a lot of hard work and is to be celebrated.

To the Participants:

  1. Be proud of your accomplishment and share it with your friends and families.
  2. Recordings also serve as a solid measure of progress. At some point in the future, it may be helpful to reference this point in time against where you are today.
  3. If you are less than satisfied with your performance on this recording, always remember, “The seed of your next artwork lies embedded in the imperfections of your current piece.” – David Bayles

(tracks alphabetized by song title)

  1. Heather Boob: “Colors”
  2. Jack Moylan: “Demo”
  3. Hilary Greenberger: “Freight Train”
  4. Cheol Kang: “Gravity”
  5. Phil Dzwonczyk: “Life Without You”
  6. Ricky Bitter:  “Ode to Joy”
  7. Chris Delente: “Overlook”
  8. Troy Brown: “Reflections”
  9. Dan Paolangeli: “Riding High”
  10. Amalie White: “Prelude in G Major/ Irish Song”
  11. Zack Miller: “Spanish Drive”
  12. Wayne Gottlieb: “Stella by Starlight”
  13. Alex Seaman & Stephen Witkowski: “Summertime”
  14. Alex Seaman & Stephen Witkowski: “Yellow Submarine”
  15. Heeyon Kim: “Your Song”

Alex Seaman & Stephen Witkowski

Amalie White

Cheol Kang

Chris Delente

Dan Paolangeli

Heather Boob

Hilary Greenberger

Heeyon Kim

Jack Moylan

Phil Dzwonczyk

Ricky Bitter

Troy Brown

Wayne Gottlieb

Zack Miller