Guitar Geeks Membership Program

Do you want to get better at guitar without making the commitment to taking guitar lessons?

We have the perfect solution…

Guitar Geeks is the best low-pressure way to become more creative and improve your guitar playing.  Learning strictly on your own via books or YouTube is ineffective because you can’t get feedback from a teacher.  On the other hand, taking guitar lessons is not for everyone.  Guitar Geeks combines the autonomy of learning on your own with the accountability and feedback of taking lessons, giving you the best of both worlds.

3 Reasons Why Internet-Only Strategies Don’t Work for Most Guitarists:

  • The order is wrong.  We live in the age of information overload.  Yes you need information to learn guitar, but knowing the correct order in which you should absorb that information is crucial.  It’s impossible to learn things in the right order on YouTube.
  • Not enough fun.  So you learn a song (or try to) on YouTube.  Will it really help you sustain lasting musical success?  What if, instead, you could share your new knowledge and skills with a supportive community for instant feedback or even get featured as Student of the Month to highlight a breakthrough you made? These are features of Guitar Geeks.
  • No opportunity to get feedback.  Guitar Geeks also gives you the chance to ask questions either by email or in the monthly group coaching call.  In the online group call, we answer all previously submitted questions as well as ones that are asked live.  If you miss the call you can watch the recording later.

Guitar Geeks focuses on techniques, concepts, and methods that enhance your creativity that you can use right away.  The material is the product of a seasoned pro guitarist who has played countless gigs and played on dozens of albums in many genres, who also has decades of teaching experience!

You will love totally unique & charismatic style and training methods that are well-informed by scientifically proven learning strategies. You get a totally unique mix of independent learning, accountability, organization, and community.

You learn:

– only the topics you are interested in

– concepts that you’ll be able to use right away

– on your own schedule

– at your own pace

– from anywhere in the world

You also get an experienced teacher with whom you can:

– ask specific questions by email

– meet online once a month

And, you join a community of creative guitarists with whom you can:

– share your creative work

– collaborate

– participate in fun monthly challenges with

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Here’s How It Works:

– every month you choose 2 lessons that will be put in your personal guitar lesson portal (see list of topics below)

– attend a monthly group coaching class in which you can ask questions about the lessons (you may submit questions in advance and watch the recordings if you can’t make it)

– get ongoing email support

– get exclusive access to our Facebook group in which you can share your creativity, ask questions of the group, and collaborate with other members

The Value vs. Price of the Program:

The value of the program:

– 2 online lessons / mo = $100

– 90-minute group coaching class = $75

– email access to teacher = $30

– exclusive facebook group access = $30

Total value = $235/mo, or $2820/year

Your price (59% discount):

you can be a member of Guitar Geeks for only $97/mo 

and, you can save another 14% off the above price by paying annually at $997/year

If you are still curious about the type of content you can choose 2 selections from every month, check out this link:

Master List of Guitar Geeks Content

Click below to request a one-on-one Zoom call with Dennis to enroll or learn more.