Soloing, rhythms for slow 12/8 feel

Soloing, single note “CAGED” finale

Soloing, Sixths

Soloing, Tension & Release

Soloing, The 4 Ingredients of Improvising

Soloing, Toggling between 2 pentatonic scales


Soloing, Trading with Yourself

Soloing, Two-Hand Synchronization

Soloing, Uses of the Pentatonics, advanced

Soloing, Uses of the Pentatonics, basic

Songwriting, melodic development

Songwriting, Part 1 – Introduction

Songwriting, Part 10, all about melody part I

Songwriting, Part 11, all about melody part II

Songwriting, Part 12, all about melody part III

Songwriting, Part 13, how to write a love song

Songwriting, Part 14 – modulation


Songwriting, Part 2 – Using Harmonized Scales

Songwriting, Part 4 – applications

Songwriting, Part 5 – rhythmic aspects of melody-writing

Songwriting, Part 6, Harmonizing a Melody

Songwriting, Part 8 – writing melodies by numbers


Songwriting, Part 9 – classification of chords


Strumming, part 1, basic strums summary

Strumming, part 10, more syncopation with Partido Alto groove

Strumming, part 2, packet of 4/4 strums

Strumming, part 2b, 3/4 time

Strumming, part 3, other time signatures and feels

Strumming, part 3b, more on 3/4 and 6/8

Strumming, part 4, adding percussive elements

Strumming, part 5, syncopation

Strumming, part 6, advanced strums from fakebook

Strumming, part 7, anticipation & delayed resolution

Strumming, part 8, funk rhythm guitar

Strumming, part 9, intro to syncopation

Student 2-year Anniversary Message

Student 7-month Anniversary Message

Student 90-day Anniversary Message

Student Album Brainstorming

Student Goal-Setting Resources

Student Party 2021

Student Party 2022

Student Recital Autumn 2020

Student Recital Summer 2021

Student Recital Summer 2022

Student Repertoire – Book 1

Student Repertoire – Book 2

Student Repertoire – Book 3

Student Repertoire – Book 4

Student Repertoire – Book 5

Student Repertoire – Holidays

Summary of “Improvisation” by Derek Bailey

Tab Lesson 01

Tab Lesson 02

Tab Lesson 04

Tab Lesson 05

Tab Lesson 09

Tab Lesson 10

Tab Lesson 13

Tab Lesson 22

Tab Lesson: Easy and Fun Progressions

Tab lessons 14 – 19

Tab lessons, book 2

Tab play-alongs

Taylor’s personal files

Technique, Basic Mechanics – Advanced

Technique, Dual Lense – Zoom In, Zoom Out

Technique, Great Guitar Technique

Transcribing, chords and melody, advanced level

Transcribing, chords and melody, beginner level

Transcribing, chords and melody, intermediate level

Transcribing, chords, beginner level

Transcribing, chords, intermediate level, part 1

Transcribing, chords, intermediate level, part 2

Transcribing, melody

Zolan’s personal files

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