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Music Theory, 101

Music Theory, Circle of Fifths, part 2 – uses of

Music Theory, Common Scales

Music Theory, How Melody and Harmony Interact

Music Theory, Intervals, Decoding Famous Riffs

Music Theory, Seven Elements of Music


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Reading, Brent Block book part 1

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Rhythm, Feeling the Afro-Cuban 6/8 Clave on Guitar

Rhythm, for the rhythmically challenged

Rhythm, How to Feel Half-Note Triplets

Rhythm, How to Feel Quarter-Note Triplets

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Rhythm, Playing at Tempo Extremes

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Rhythm, secrets of rhythm guitar

Rhythm, secrets of rhythm guitar, part 2: clave

Rhythm, starting and ending phrases on certain beats

Rhythm, versatility workout

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Singing and Playing, How to Sing and Play at the Same Time

Singing and Playing, Using Capos Effectively

Soloing, Advanced Guitar Tips

Soloing, alternate picking, part 1: introduction

Soloing, Blues Scale

Soloing, Contour Shifts

Soloing, Creating a Groove with CAGED minor chords

Soloing, Embellishments to the Pentatonics, Double-Stops

Soloing, Embellishments to the Pentatonics, String Bends

Soloing, Embellishments to the Pentatonics, Vibrato

Soloing, Embellishments, Expressive Elements

Soloing, How to Build a Solo

Soloing, How to Really Practice using the CAGED system


Soloing, Hybrid Picking, part 2, live class

Soloing, Legato Playing

Soloing, Licks, Blues

Soloing, Licks, Common Licks & How to Build Your Own

Soloing, Licks, Easy

Soloing, Licks, Repeatable

Soloing, Major Pentatonics

Soloing, major scales

Soloing, major scales, 3 notes per string

Soloing, major scales, ways to implement

Soloing, Melodic Soloing overview


Soloing, Minor Pentatonics as they fit with CAGED

Soloing, minor scales, part 1: introduction

pdf: minor scale “Don’t Get CAGED In” – Video 15 – Minor CAGED system overview HD  8:59 “Don’t Get CAGED In” – Video 16 – Minor Scales “E” shape HD  5:33 “Don’t Get CAGED In” – Video 17 – minor scales “D” and “C” shapes HD  4:51 “Don’t Get CAGED In” – video 18 – Minor […]

Soloing, minor scales, part 2: implementation

“Don’t Get CAGED In” – Video 19 – Minor Scales – a different key HD  5:14 “Don’t Get CAGED In” – Video 20 – Implementation part 1 HD  7:10 “Don’t Get CAGED In” – Video 21 – Minor Scales Implementation part 2 HD  10:20  

Soloing, Mixing Minor and Major Pentatonics, part 1 – intro

Soloing, Mixing Minor and Major Pentatonics, part 6 – licks

Soloing, Motifs

Soloing, Pathways, part 1, Minor

Soloing, Pathways, part 2, Major

Soloing, Pathways, part 3, implementing

Soloing, Pentatonic Patterns

Soloing, Phrase Ornamentation

pdf: Phrase Ornamentation

Soloing, Phrasing, 2-bar rhythmic repetition

Soloing, Phrasing, introduction

Soloing, Phrasing, packet

Soloing, Phrasing, using 8th note displacement