5 easy ways to help improve the results you get from your guitar practice


By Josh Clayton


Many people who have set out to learn the guitar and have ended up putting the instrument down and never picking it up again. This is mainly because of the lack of result that they received from their guitar practice had left them with little to no satisfaction. This lead to frustration and eventual disinterest.


Below I have outlined 5 ways to help you improve and get satisfaction from your guitar practice so you can eventfully become the player you want to be!


Leave your guitar out in the open for easy access


If you have multiple guitars, this is even easier. Buy several guitar stands or wall mounts and place them in your most used rooms in your home. This will make it more likely that you will pick up your guitar and practice it daily. Never make it hard to get to your guitar by leaving it in its case!


Have a stretching and relaxation session just before practicing


Stretch your arms, wrist, fingers, legs, and also your neck. Doing stretching is great for helping to minimize tension that may build up when you are in the beginning stages of learning guitar. Have 5 minutes of quiet meditation before you practice to help yourself be at peak relaxation. The more relaxed you are the better.


Have focused practice points


Have an outline of what you will be practicing. Write down what specific skill or technique you will be practicing and for how long you will be practicing it. Write down in a notebook the specific goals you have for your practice on each and every week. If you with a guitar instructor, then they will help you target specific things in your practice to achieve your goals. Practice certain things on specific days of the week and have a routine. The more organized you make you practice your results will be exponentially greater. Use a timer to help you stay accurate timewise for each item.


Eliminate all source of distraction if possible


Turn off your cell phone and the TV. If you live with others then go to a quiet room in your home. Let others you live with know that this is your practice time and to not disturb you. If you are distracted when trying to practice, you are not thinking about what you doing and you will be on auto pilot. Being on auto pilot will defeat the purpose of practicing and you will not improve.



Practice every day in shorter durations versus once a week for a longer


It is much better to practice every day for 20 to 30 minutes than once a week for several hours. The key is to touch your guitar every day. Make your guitar part of your daily routine. If you only practice 1 time a week, its needs to be for good reason. Put the put the time in and you be reap the rewards!


About the Arthur: Josh Clayton is a professional guitar instructor based in the Slidell, Louisiana area. If you or any one you know are interested in guitar lessons in Slidell then be sure to contact Josh through his website.