teenage student playing at guitar lessons ithaca student concert 2024

Rockin’ Student Concert!

On a vibrant Sunday at the Foundation of Light in Ithaca, we experienced an exceptional display of talent and dedication at our latest student concert. The event was nothing short of inspiring, with performances that not only showcased the students’ hard work but also the supportive spirit of their families and friends.Chad at Guitar Lessons Ithaca Student Concert 2024


Initially, we planned for a modest gathering, setting up 20 chairs based on the 12 registered performers. To our delight, the turnout doubled our expectations, with about 40 attendees cheering on the musicians. This overwhelming support underscores the community’s enthusiasm for music and the arts.

Before the concert began, I had the pleasure of warming up the crowd with my trio, performing a fast-paced blues boogie titled “Round and Round.” This not only set a lively tone for the afternoon but also helped dissipate any lingering nerves among the performers and myself.

Diverse Array of Styles

As the concert kicked off, the atmosphere was charged with excitement. We drew names randomly to decide the order of performances, ensuring a dynamic and unpredictable lineup. The first act was a wonderful rendition of the jazz classic “When You’re Smiling,” featuring passages from “Effective Etudes for Jazz” by Carubia and Jarvis. It was the perfect opener, setting a high standard for the acts that followed.

The diversity of the performances was a highlight of the day. From the crowd-pleasing “Knockin’ on Heaven’sSonia at Guitar Lessons Ithaca Student Concert 2024 Door,” where I joined in harmonizing the melody, to the iconic riffs of “Smoke on the Water” that had the audience bobbing their heads, each performance brought its own flavor. “Aurora En Pekin” by Marc Ribot, performed by a student who had memorized the piece even before joining our school, added a touch of intrigue with its complex harmonies.

Neil Young’s “My My, Hey Hey” and Peach Pit’s “Alright Aphrodite,” the latter amplified by drop D tuning and a bit of distortion, showcased the versatility and evolving styles of our students. An original composition by a student who consistently contributes fresh music to our concerts and albums was another standout moment. His extended solo, encouraged by the supportive cheers of the audience, highlighted his growing confidence and creativity.

The concert continued to impress with precise renditions of “Cyclone” by Sticky Fingers and the bass-driven energy of Led Zeppelin’s “Good Times Bad Times,” which featured an extended solo that resonated well with the crowd. The melodic strains of Zac Bryan’s “Something in the Orange” provided a contemplative counterpoint to the energetic performances that preceded it.

Closing the concert, “Last Dance with Mary Jane” was performed with vocal and instrumental aplomb, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended. This performance not only showcased the guitarist’s skill but also their ability to engage the audience with vocal dynamics.

Going Forward from Here

The concert wrapped up in about 90 minutes, leaving everyone invigorated and looking forward to our next project,Phan at Guitar Lessons Ithaca Student Concert 2024 the Student Album Volume VII. As we concluded the event, I expressed heartfelt thanks to all who came, reminding our students and their families that the journey and effort in preparing for such moments are where true success lies, rather than in perfect execution alone.

This concert was more than a showcase of musical achievement; it was a celebration of growth, community, and the joy of music. Each performance was a testament to the hard work and passion that our students bring to their craft, and the standing ovation they received was well-deserved. As we move forward, Guitar Lessons Ithaca continues to be a place where music and dreams grow hand in hand, and where every student has the chance to shine both in the studio and on stage.


At Guitar Lessons Ithaca, we understand the challenges and rewards of mastering guitar dynamics. We are committed to guiding our students through this journey, ensuring they not only play notes but also master the art of musical expression. Join us, and let’s embark on this musical adventure together.  Simply  fill out this form for a free trial lesson.