Stretches for Guitar Playing Flexibility & Tension Control

Do each stretch 3 times (do 10 secs per stretch with 4 secs in between. Do 3 sets of them)

  1. Finger stretch – hands together in prayer position top part glued together palms come apart
  2. Lower forearm – prayer position sealed close to chest, gradually come down until can’t, fingers can point inward/hold for 10 secs
  3. Thumb stretch both thumbs together find spot for stretch
  4. Upper forearm – arm straight out and let hand fall, other hand gently pulls in keeping arm straight (thumb underneath and pushes down of other hand. Can also spin hand away from body)
  5. Picking hand bicep – arm out straight to side and back and spin neck and head in opposite direction
  6. Chicken wing – picking hand behind head, with other hand gently pull down
  7. forearm arm out straight let hand drop, let thumb of other hand and push first arm’s fingers away from body
  8. clothesline out, push it back then turn head opposite way
  9. do chicken wing (over head 10 seconds, one arm at a time)
  10. draw super small manic back and forth lines and make a smiley face – tiny and super fast, engage elbow; engage bicep and tricep and then freak it out