From Scales to Music

to go from scales to music, you need to:

– technique (alternate picking, hammer-ons and pull-offs, vibrato, bends, slide, etc.) (see “soloing, expressive elements” and “soloing, alternate picking”)

– music theory (see “Music Theory, Modern Harmony Simplified”)

– ear training (see “Commuter Audio: Ear Training” parts 1 to 17)

– phrasing (see “Soloing, Phrasing, introduction”); phrasing includes:

  • playing the notes in different order (see “Soloing, Displacing the Natural Note Order of a Scale”)
  • rhythmic variety (see “Soloing, Phrasing, 2-bar rhythmic repetition,” and “Soloing, Phrasing, using 8th note displacement” and “Soloing, Phrasing, packet”)
  • congruency (see “soloing, phrasing, introduction”)
  • other elements listed in elements of phrasing (see “soloing, phrasing, introduction”)