Student Album Brainstorming

  1. What song(s) have a I lately connected with emotionally?
  2. What song(s) would make me feel proud to cover?
  3. Would I prefer to write a piece?
  4. What song(s) would show off my current skill set?
  5. What online resources can I use to help me learn the song (chords, tablature, sheet music)?
  6. How many different parts would I have to write or learn (chords, melody, solo, etc)?
  7. Is there a solo in my song and I am going to learn, write or improvise it?
  8. Regarding the chords, can or should I use a capo? Do I know all the chords?  Can I simplify some of the harder ones?
  9. Regarding the rhythm, what is the tempo, time signature and style? What is the strumming pattern?
  10. Regarding the melody, how am I going to represent it? If by singing, is it in a good key for my voice?  If by playing, how am I going to learn it: by ear, by reading standard notation in the sheet music, etc.?
  11. Regarding the form, how many sections does or will it have? What is the arrangement (i.e. which sections come when and for how long)?
  12. Any special considerations regarding dynamics, texture or timbre? What kind of guitar(s) will I use?  Will I use effects? If so, what kind?
  13. How many weeks might it take me to learn all the parts?
  14. How many weeks might it take me to get the parts up to tempo?