Dual Lense Technique – Zoom In, Zoom Out

zoom in

right fingers
one note
one aspect: intonation, timing, articulation, accuracy
one finger
pick one string only
isolate just the right amount of notes
fingers not in use relaxed
fingers close to string
picking hand efficiency
stare intently at one hand
kinesthetic feeling of hands in sync

zoom out

listen to entire phrase (intonation, timing, articulation, etc)
movement of fretting hand (arm, wrist, hand, fingers)
movement of picking hand (arm, wrist, hand, fingers)
entire kinesthetic feeling (hands in sync, timing, no tension, emotional connection)
no excess muscle tension in rest of body
no noise
not looking

how to implement

look at what practicing zoomed in, then zoomed out (technical, listening, feeling)

emotional – deepest reason to play and biggest area of fulfillment and creativity

pick a lick, focus on one note only, then zoom out, then zoom in etc.