Things You’ll Need to Get Started

list of accessories to acquire:

picks (medium, heavy, or extra-heavy)


tuner (phone app or temporary clip-on one like Fender I show in video or flat clip-and-stay-on one like the D’Addario I show in video)

strap or footstool

music stand

notebook (manuscript paper optional)

extra strings


putting on new strings

insert string

measure 2 pegs’ worth of extra string & grip string there

turn peg so that string will be threaded through from inside to out at 45 degrees in the opposite direction

thread string through

make kink with short end in the direction towards headstock

pull both ends tight

bring short end under long end & pull it through

pull both ends tight again

hook short end over long end in opposite direction

wind string to pitch

stretch string by pulling each hand towards center with thumbs underneath & sides of palms touching string

bring string back to pitch

repeat stretch up to 5 times until string no longer goes out of tune

cut excess string with wire cutter