Book 5 involves chords with extensions

all titles are in alphabetical order

master list is below


student repertoire book 5

Book 5

Because (Dm7b5, Ddim)

Bewitched (D#dim)

Bill Bailey (D#dim)

Bridge Over Troubled Water (F#dim)

Crazy (C#dim)

Europa (Ebmaj7)

Here Comes The Sun (Dmaj7)

Here’s That Rainy Day (Ebmaj7)

Honey Pie (Eb7, Am7b5)

How Deep is the Ocean (C#+)

King of Pain (Gmaj7)

Limehouse Blues (Am7b5)

Michelle (Ddim, Fm6)

Moon River (Bm7b5)

Old Folks At Home (Bbdim, C#m)

Penny Lane (Am7b5, Abmaj7)

Purple Haze (E7#9)

Roxanne (Fmaj7, Gsus4)

She Loves You (Cm6, D+)

Summer In The City (F#m7b5)

Synchronicity II (C#m7b5, Cm6)

We Can Work It Out (F#sus, Bm/G)

Yesterday (Bbmaj7)

You Are the Sunshine of My Life (Gb, E+)