Articles Published by Dennis Winge

Music Theory

3 Different Types of 9th Chords

A Harmonic Analysis of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

A Look Inside Chord-Melody Playing

Chord Theory and its Immediate Usefulness

Common Scales and their Intervals

Common Types of Slash Chords and How They Function

Constructing Major Scales

Creating Modal Chord Progressions

Deck the Halls with Coltrane Changes

Diving Deeper Into Chord Embellishments

Exotic Scales

Harmonizing Melodic Content

Horizontal & Vertical Improvising

How to Create Grooves using Harmonized Scales

How to Harmonize a Melody

How to Harmonize a Scale

How to Simplify Complicated Chord Progressions

Improvising on Guitar without Accompaniment

Introduction to the Modes

Jazz Theory – Analyzing Tunes

Jazz Theory – Diminished Scale

Jazz Theory – Rhythm

Jazz Theory – The Magic of Guide Tones

Jazz Theory – The Many Uses of the Melodic Minor Scale

Jazzing Up your Rock Playing – part 1, Harmony

Jazzing Up your Rock Playing – part 2, Rhythm

Jazzing Up your Rock Playing – part 3, Melody

Learning to Embellish Chords with the Open Add9 Chord

Make Up Cool Chord Progressions Easily

Melodic Patterns

Memorizing the Modes

Major and Minor 11 Chords

Music by Numbers

Quick and Easy Guide to Modes

Rough Guide to Classical Harmony

Slash Chords

Suspended Chords

The 5 Chord Families

The Art of Solo Guitar

The Augmented Chord

The Diminished Chord

The Half-Diminished Chord

The Lesser Known Musical Elements – Dynamics

The Lesser Known Musical Elements – Texture

The Lesser Known Musical Elements – Timbre

The Lesser Known Musical Elements – Form

The Power of Simple Sequences

The Ultimate Guide to Voicings for Advanced Chords on Guitar

To Loop or Not to Loop

Tritone Modal Relationships and the Circle of Fifths

Using Minor and Major Scales in the Same Guitar Solo